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The silicone rubber sheet, developed by our Company to accommodate market demands, is a special product to match with a vacuum film laminating machine.

The silicone rubber sheet is a key component for a vacuum film machine, and its quality has a direct influence on the quality of lamination and use cost of the laminator.

The silicone rubber sheet for vacuum film machine is made through the use of quality materials from Germany, sophisticated manufacturing equipment and technologies. The product has high temperature resistance, strong toughness, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, high elasticity, and is non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. Because of its inert surface, it does not stain easily, and is an ideal flexible rubber sheet for a vacuum film machine.

Specific performance parameters are as follows:

Model Tensile Strength
(Mpa )
Tear Strength (N/mm) Hardness (Tsou A) Break Elongation (%) Color Form
SS2111 6.5 26 60~75 450 White and transparent Two sides smooth
SS2211 90 32 50~70 650 Gray transparent Two sides smooth

Note: Common specification: 2 * 3 * * 2750, 1350 16 * 3000. Special specification can be customized.

We is a China-based manufacturer of silicone rubber sheet for vacuum film machine. Apart from silicone rubber sheet, we also provide Viton rubber sheet, rubber sheet, coextrusion door seal rubber extrusion, silicone extrusion profile as well as custom molded rubber parts.

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