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  • Rubber Seal Strip rubber seal strip is used on doors of automobiles for protection against water and dust. It's a perfect sealing option and remains unaffected by climatic changes or varying temperatures. Another popular application of the profiles are door trims.
  • Door Seal Sponge Rubber Seal Strip The width of the sponge rubber seal strip is from 2mm up to 100mm and the thickness from 1mm to 50mm. According to different applications, we produce it in low, medium and high density. Foam seal have different sections like D section, P section ...
  • Coextrusion Door Rubber Seal StripThe coextrusion door rubber seal strip offers excellent ozone-resistance, cold-resistance, and heat-resistance.
    It has good insulation property.
  • PVC Rubber Seal Strip Used in the automotive industry, the PVC rubber seal strip is ozone, cold, heat and flex-crack resistant. It has an excellent appearance. Our PVC rubber extrusion has TS16949/ISO2000 certification.
  • Glazing Rubber Seal Strip Glazing rubber seal strip is produced by good original material. It is ozone, cold, heat and flex-crack resistant and features an excellent appearance. It has TS16949/ISO2000 certification.
  • Round Cord Rubber Seal Strip The round cord and rectangle rubber is produced from good original material and is available in a wide range of grades and colors. It has TS16949/ISO2000 certification. For the round rubber cord, the diameter is from 1mm to the 80mm.
  • U,E,D,P Section Rubber Seal Strip U, E, D, P section rubber seal strip is produced from good original material and is available in a wide range of grades and colors. Self adhesive backing can be applied to any U, E, D, P section rubber profile, including general adhesive tape and 3M acrylic automotive grade tape, etc.
  • Silicone Rubber Seal Strip When silicone rubber seal strip is manufactured from peroxide and platinum cured polymers, both can meet food quality requirements. It has a hardness range of 35-85 Shore A and temperature resistance of -50 to +260 Degrees Centigrade (up to 300C for short periods).

We is a professional rubber seal strip manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including rubber seal strip, silicone extrusion profile, silicone rubber sheet, rubber sheet, PVC edge trim seal, and others.

Other Products
  • NBR Rubber Sheet Our NBR rubber sheets offer good expansion resistance in the solvent, can working in the lubrication oil, transformer oil, gasoline and any other oil medium at the temperature of -30 to 80C.
  • Viton Rubber Sheet Viton rubber sheet can provide extraordinary levels of resistance to chemicals, oil and heat. The highest temperature Viton can resistant is up to 300 C. The thickness is from 0.8mm to 50mm ...
  • Custom Molded Rubber Parts We Rubber produces rubber washers by lathe cutting, die cutting and molding. Due to the variety of manufacturing methods, we can provide an unlimited range of sizes, compounds and quantities.
  • Rubber Extrusion rubber extrusion offers excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability.
    It offers good insulation property.
    It offers stability towards ...